St. Lawrence Gift Shop and Sacristy Addition


The project consists of two new structures for St. Lawrence Catholic Church, a new gift shop building and an extension to the existing sacristy of the church. The new structures play off of the geometries of the existing church building. The brick and cement plaster finishes of the new buildings closely emulate and complement the materials and tones of the existing church building.

The gift shop is situated adjacent to the existing church on its north-west side, oriented toward the front of the church and parking lot. It is composed of a retail floor space and a large storage room. New pavers, flatwork and landscaping adorn the gift shop entry and connect it to the existing church entry and parking lot.

The new sacristy is constructed as an extension of the existing church sacristy, and provides dressing rooms for the pastor, altar servers, and eucharistic ministers, along with a large storage room in the posterior to safekeep liturgical items.