Our People, Our Families, Our Success

<strong>Gerardo Noriega</strong><br/>Founder + Principal<br/>AIA, Principal in Charge has over 22 years experience in design, project management, quality control, and specification writing and construction contract administration in the architecture industry. He participates in every aspect of a project, from conception to final close-out, and understands the importance of meeting with the client in the beginning to gain a more detailed understanding of the client’s needs and requirements (and with end-users as well). His proficiency lies in taking this initial information through the entire process of a project to develop a design solution to construction documents to construction administration. He has applied his expertise to various project types including government, multifamily, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, retail, and religious projects.<br/>
<strong>Rafael Domit</strong><br/>Project Manager<br/>Rafael Domit has 5 years of professional experience working on religious, commercial, and military project types. He has extensive knowledge in multiple software programs such as Autodesk Autocad, Autodesk Revit, McNeel Rhinoceros, Adobe Photoshop, and Google Sketch Up used to Illustrate design concepts, model and render buildings, and produce presentations. He has knowledge and experience in architectural services ranging from pre-design to construction documents.
<strong>Annelisa Noriega</strong><br/>Administration<br/>Annelisa is a Business Management student at The University of Texas at San Antonio seeking to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in 2019 and continue for her Master's in 2020. Her current duties include office administration and bookkeeping.
<strong>Christina Noriega</strong><br/>Marketing<br/>Christina is a Texas State graduate and is currently seeking to graduate with a Master's degree in Digital Media. She is familiar with the Adobe Suite Applications and HTML and CSS. Her duties include GNA's website development and the development of marketing material.

Architecture provides people with one of the most basic human needs; shelter. In any design company, people are the most important investment; they are both the producers and the consumers. We take great care in providing a family environment for both our employees and our clients. We strive to develop a symbiotic relationship both internally and externally by helping our team members and our clients grow within the industry. It is our strong belief that taking an interest in employees beyond their professional capabilities into understanding and promoting the value of family leads to happy employees. When people enjoy their workplace, they produce great architecture that satisfies clients.